Code: DT02
Tilt Hoist
ErgoTilt 6000

The ErgoTilt 6000 is a high-capacity, heavy duty destacking system that uses tilt technology to separate layers. 

Basic Parameters:

Pack support count: 5 pcs.

Pack lifting motor power: 7,5 kW with planetary gearbox + motor break

Working length: 1500 – 6100 mm

Working speed: up to 6 layers per minute


  • ErgoTilt 6000 offers automatic individual layer separation on to buffer table with optional pneumatic board layer catcher for flawless destacking operation with minimal manual intervention as possible.
  • Integrated high wear resistant plastic slides allow for smooth and non-damaging layer transition while allowing the placed sticks to slide on to the transporting conveyor belt below.
  • Robust, heavy duty made (machine weight is about 2 tons) and reliable mechanical design.
  • Manual and automatic destacker operation.
  • Integrated safety system for the top most and lowest position for destacker offers safe and reliable workflow.
  • Precise electric motor lifting mechanism with a break allows for better layer separation.