Code: IF05
Moulder infeed
Ergo Feed 3000 Max

Automatic Infeed System for Four-Side Molders: ErgoFeed 3000 MAX

Basic Parameters

  • Working Length: 1500 – 3100 mm
  • Working Thickness: 10 – 150 mm (digitally adjustable)
  • Working Width: 50 – 240 mm (minimum working width of 35 mm possible upon request)
  • Effective Moulder Speed Supported: 10 – 120 m/min (roller speeds up to 200 m/min, dynamically and automatically adjust to avoid gaps between boards at the moulder)
  • Width of Infeed Table: 1500 mm

Conveyor Elements

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Element: 1″ roller chain (Type: 16B-1)
  • Number of Chains: 4 pcs
  • Number of Powered Bottom Rollers: 7 pcs
  • Powered Bottom Rollers Diameter: 198 mm
  • Infeed Motors
    Power for Bottom Rollers Power:
     2 pcs x 2.2 kW (two motors
    with separate variable frequency drives)
  • Cross Feed Conveyor Power: 0.75 kW (with variable frequency drive)
  • Infeed Rollers Support Beam Lifting Motor Power (encoder control): 0.37 kW
  • Swing-Type Cross Conveyor Lifting Motor Power: 1,1 kW

Basic Features

  • Purpose: Built for robust, fast, and intelligent feeding of wood pieces into a four-side molder.
  • Rollers: Five active, smooth, hardened bottom rollers and five passive top rollers equipped with pneumatic cylinders and 2-stage variable pressure.
  • MAX model feature: Two separately driven active roller sections for independent adjustment of roller speed in the cross-feeding section and the acceleration section
  • Side Pressure Roller: Positioned just before the molder infeed table to ensure the correct position of the board into the molder.
  • Floating Table: Adjustable pneumatic cylinder support to ensure smooth material infeed into the molder, even for bent material.

Anti-Jamming Features

  • Real-Time Speed Monitoring: The ErgoTakSmart system uses an encoder on one of the passive rollers to obtain real-time board speed information, maintaining constant awareness to ensure smooth operations.
  • Anti-Jamming Mode: Automatically adjusts to changes in material speed into the molder, detecting the onset of material jamming and applying increased pressure with the top rollers. If the attempt is unsuccessful, it automatically stops the infeed.
  • Swing-Type Cross Conveyor: Fast motor drive operated (instead of pneumatics – MAX model feature), allowing boards to rest on supports during each feed to prevent extra side pressure on boards and ensure smooth feeding into the molder.
  • Finger-Jointed/Heavy Boards Mode: Creates gaps between boards to prevent any tension from the cross-feed conveyor side.

Flexible Range Feature for High-Speed Operation

  • Thickness Range: Designed to work with a thickness range of 10 mm to 150 mm, with motorized lifting of the upper beam supporting pressure rollers and digital thickness setting via HMI.
  • Adjustable Height: Allows for the use of high-speed pneumatic cylinders with a short stroke, enabling fast operation and reducing changeover time between boards.

Load Reduction Features

  • Smooth Powered Bottom Rollers: Allow board-to-board material slippage to prevent excessive kick-type loads on the four-side molder gear system.
  • Automatic Speed Adjustment: Infeed speed automatically adjusts to match the molder speed based on encoder data to prevent excessive loads on the four-side molder gear system.

Control System: ErgoTakSmart

  • Touchscreen Interface: For easy operation.
  • Real-Time Display: Shows the actual feed speed.
  • Production Statistics: Tracks the linear meters and the number of produced pieces by weekday. Displays actual production speed history during specific working days and machine idle times, accessible via the website through a user account.
  • Event Schedule: Displays timing for start, stop, emergency stop, and activation of the anti-jamming mode.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Controller inputs and outputs can be checked.
  • Customizable Parameters: Settings can be adjusted as needed.

High-Quality Components

  • Controller and Drives: Mitsubishi controller, HMI, and variable frequency drives.
  • Pneumatic Components: SMC.
  • Bearings and Chains: SKF.
  • Electrical Parts: Schneider.
  • Sensors: Sick photoelectric sensors.
  • Rollers: Blickle passive rollers.