Code: SL01
High performance Long workpiece stacker
ErgoStack 6000

High Performance Stacker

Non marking (plastic) chain: 5 pcs

Capacity: up to 6 layers per minute

Maximal working width: 6100 mm

Minimal working length: 1500 mm

Lift motor: 4 kW, planetary gearbox

Maximal weight of stack: 5 tons

Chain motor: 0,75 kW

Layer supports motor: 1,1 kW

Touch screen interface for controlling main parameters and modes

Programmable types of stacking:

  • Standard
  • Brick type stacking mode ,
  • Cross type stacking mode

Programmable by counting pcs (operator set desired amount of boards per layer and desired amount of layers per bundle)

Maximum size of stack: 6100  x 1200 x 1200 mm

Components used: Mitsubishi controller, Mitsubishi inverters, SMC pneumatics, SKF bearings, Schneider electric parts, Sick photoelectric sensors