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High Performance Feeder

ErgoFeed 3000/6000

Features that Count

The ErgoFeed 3000 / 6000 design is specifically engineered to address the challenges commonly faced by four-side molder infeeds. It effectively tackles two key issues: material stacking and the risk of damaging the four-side molder’s gear system due to excessive loads from the infeeds. ErgoFeed integrates ErgoSmart.com online statistics features, transcending mere mechanization and enhancing its functionality.

Wide Range Lenghts Infeed

ErgoFeed 400 / 6000 

Features that Count

The  ErgoFeed 400 / 3000 / 6000  is an innovative high-performance infeed system for a wide range of working lengths from 400mm to 6000mm. It features a specially designed swing conveyor and extended buffer that allows for a maximum feed speed of 100 cycles per minute. The ErgoSmart technology automatically adjusts the infeed speed to match the moulder speed, ensuring smooth operation by detecting the start of stacking and providing extra motion to prevent jamming. It also offers comprehensive online statistics for daily production.

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