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Tilt Hoist Type Destacker 

ErgoTilt 6000 

Features that Count

The ErgoTilt 6000 is a high-capacity classical destacking system that uses tilt technology to separate layers. It also features an automatic stick assembly unit for bundle formation. Designed for demanding work, this sturdy and efficient system is built to handle heavy-duty tasks.

Vacuum Type Destacker


Features that Count

The ErgoDStack 3000 / 6000 Vac is a vacuum-based destacking system for separating layers of stacked bundles.  These units come in two models, with working lengths of 600-3000 mm and 1500-6100 mm respectively. With a modular design concept, custom length ranges are also available upon request. The unit employs vacuum pads that can stack up to 4 layers per minute, with random or uniform lengths. The vacuum pads use valve technology that automatically closes the valves in areas without workpieces, ensuring complete lifting of random lengths or widths without any adjustments needed.

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